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Slow Food Gault & Milau Polska Michelin gude 2015

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About Ed

Ed Red was the first steakhouse in Poland to mature meat using the dry aging technique. We champion the flavour of Polish beef and we work only with the best local farmers.

We are proud to be awarded by Slow Food Polska and Gault & Millau.

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Ed Red started with our love to meat and our love to honest food. Our cuisine is based on the best local product and we follow the “from nose to tail” philosophy. Apart from the fine cuts we use a lot of offal and we cure our own meats.


Dry Ageing

Our speciality is dry aged beef.

Different cuts of beef age from several weeks to several months in specially designed cabinets. The dry ageing technique concentrates the flavours of the meet and make it more tender. Thanks to that our steaks have deep, natural flavour. Dry aged beef is marked on our menu with the following symbol